Memories of Sarajevo – Bronze Trophy Winner!


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‘Memories of Sarajevo: Singing a new song’ just awarded Honourable Mention (Second Prize) in the IAWRT  Awards!


Laureate badge      Karena and the Bronze Trophy


Karena holds the Bronze Award!

We are thrilled to announce that from a world field  we have been awarded the Bronze Trophy for our three episode series of Memories of Sarajevo!

Thank-you to the panel of world class  jurors  of the New York International Radio  awards who decided that out of an amazing field of talent to choose from, we were worthy of this recognition.

Thank-you once again to all the people who gave their time and shared their recollections  with us!

Here is a link to small video that explains why we made this project and gives you a small taste ( very small!) of the  feel of our series.






Memories of Sarajevo – International Finalist!

Finalist notice
Finalist notice

We are very excited to announce that the entire Memories of Sarajevo series is a  finalist in the New York International Radio Awards!

Over 260 entries from over 30 countries from radio stations from around the world and we are in the top eleven in our category of ‘Social Issues’.

We entered this category rather than’History’ or ‘Arts and Entertainment’ because we believe the story we have  told is  a timeless one that is still relevant  today 22 years after the war in Sarajevo and the story of Radio Zid  has all but vanished from many people’s memories.

We are up againsts some very stiff competition including several entries from Australia’s own SBS and ABC.

Wish us luck – it will be a magnificent achievement for a small community radio station to gain a placing amongst this world field.

The winners of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be announced at the Gala Awards  night in New York

Wish we could be there!


Memories of Sarajevo – Listen here to the whole three episodes!



Memories of Sarajevo: Rock under seige
A tribute to the incredible radio presenters who operated Radio Zid through the seige of Sarajevo until the end of the war.

 “Amazing to hear this show in Australia. My friend, Aida, linked to this show on her FB post, and that is how I found about it.
I was on editorial team on ZID from 93 to 96 (news editor), when I left for Australia (Melbourne).  It was the worst and the best time in my life.
Thank you for keeping this story alive – now I can send a link to my Oz friends to explain where I’m coming from. “



Taped to the street where friends were slain
Taped to the street where friends were slain



Memories of Sarajevo: The Myths and the Legends

Amazing stories of  art that was created and inspired by the Seige of Sarajevo both in the city and around the world.


Singing a new song

Memories of Sarajevo: Singing a new Song.

Moving stories from Bosnian refugees in Australia and how being in ‘The Blue River’ choir has helped them cope with making a new life after the war.


Enormous Thanks to the following:

These documentaries would not have been possible without the co-operation and contribution from the many people whose stories feature here.

Grateful thanks to Sabina Krusevljanin for all your help, advice and input ( and acting! ) and also  Rudy for the  voiceovers.

Thank-you to Sladjana Hodzic and all the members of the Blue River Choir -Muniba, Nura. Mersica, Edina and  Alma.

Thank-you to former members of Radio Zid – Aida Kalender, Bernard Samir, Remy Ourdan and all the bands whose music we featured from the CDs Rock under Seige, Rock Under Seige  2  , Arrival and Dertum.

Thank-you to Ken Naughton for the haunting piano soundtrack and  Cye Wood and Parissa Bouas for their musical contributions.

Thank-you to Olivera Simic for her insights into post traumatic stress disorder in civilian survivors of conflict.

And lastly , an enormous  thank-you to my co-producer William Martin from Bay FM 99.9 and co-researchers Deb Sharpe and Peter Wynn-Moylan , all of you so integral to the success and completion of this series.

The world should never underestimate the role that Art has to play in helping the human spirit endure the unbearable and to rise above it.





Memories of Sarajevo: Radio Zid – WINNER!!


Memories of Sarajevo wins national award!
Memories of Sarajevo wins national award!

So pleased to announce that Radio Zid: Rock under siege won the “Excellence in spoken word, news and current affairs’ category at the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia National awards.

This is a national award which over 260  radio stations across Australia  are eligible to enter so we are very proud to have acheived this with the first documentary in this series.

The award is in glass and a little tricky to photograph but here are myself and co-producer William Martin at the Bay FM studio.

William also won an award for Best Station Production for  ” A Christmas Carol”.

We are polishing episodes two and three and will have them available here for listening very soon.

All three episodes will be broadcast nationally on the Community Radio Network on January 7th, 14th, 21st 2015 respectively.


And the winner is .....
And the winner is …..


Memories of Sarajevo – the song and the video


‘Memories of Sarajevo ‘ song video awarded ‘Special Mention’ at Flickerfest International film Festival – Byron Shorts ‘!  Jan. 26th 2015.

Here it is!  Make sure you expand it to fully appreciate the imagery.

This is the new arrangement I have written  of the song that I originally sent to Radio Zid in 1998. Here the vocals are sung by Parissa Bouas , and extra piano and cello are by Ken Naughton and Cye Wood.

These images are press images taken during the siege and war.

The full documentary will be up on this site in two weeks plus the third and final doco in this series’ Singing a new Song.

To just play the song listen here…

We’re nearly finished!

Episodes two and three are in post production stage and very close to being released.  Please check back here in the next two weeks.

We have cut a video to accompany the  song ‘Memories of Sarajevo’

which will also be posted up here pretty soon.

So fantastic to be reaching the end of this series!

Looking forward to getting them out onto the airwaves and the net.



Radio Zid – Finalist in National Awards!



We are thrilled to announce the first episode in the ‘Memories of Sarajevo’ trilogy is a finalist in the ” Excellence in Spoken word, News and Current Affairs’ category in the Community Broadcasting Network of Australia Awards.

The awards winners will be announced in November in Adelaide.

In the meantime we are hard at work completing episode two : ‘ The Myths and the  Legends’ and episode three ‘Singing a New Song’.

A beautiful new arrangement of the original ‘Memories of Sarajevo’ song is nearing completion and will soon be posted on Soundcloud and  available for download.